There are plenty of people trying to scam you out of your money in escorting.  Here are a few of the classic techniques used.

Bait and Switch

The escort is real, but the photos and / or services offered in the listing aren’t! This is the all-time classic and is still widely encountered. Sometimes the photos are just really old (with the escort appearing younger), but more typically they are of a different person completely.

How to counter it? Well, it’s hard and realistically you need to adopt a mindset of it’s going to happen some percentage of time and just accept it, especially at the cheaper end of the market. If the escort isn’t who is pictured when you arrive or doesn’t offer the services advertised, don’t be afraid to walk away. They have falsely advertised. If what is on offer isn’t for you then just stick to your guns and say you want to leave. It’s probably best to avoid kicking off about it, it happens, it’s the nature of the beast unfortunately, just chalk it up to experience and move on.

After a while you can kind of get a feel for who is likely to be real and who isn’t. If an escort seems to be too good to be true, either in looks or services, for the prices charged, then they probably are. There’s a catch here though…every now and then they are real and once you’ve encountered someone so gorgeous to you, or perfectly filthy, it’s hard to turn it down when you think you may have found another one!  Suck it up, make your own plan and accept sometimes your time and excitement will be for nothing.


Fake Listings

This is a nasty one. It’s quite common on sites such as VivaStreet that don’t insist on verifying their advertiser’s identity. It does happen on other more reputable sites that do verify too though, such as Adult Work. However, these listings are much easier to spot and avoid once contact is made.

So you’ve found a listing, the escort seems impossibly hot, or just gorgeously girl next door attractive to you.  You message them and here the scam starts.  The warning signs:

  • Photos having watermarks from OnlyFans. The scammer has stolen the photo from there and been careless (OnlyFans bans escorts – no OnlyFans user would use a photo from the site, and certainly not with a watermark as they have their own originals!).
  • The escort asks “Which town are you in?”. A classic, the scammer has stuck listings up for lots of areas to get maximum coverage, but only bothers to use one or a limited number of actual mobile phones. No real escort needs to ask which town you are in, their listing states the town they are in.
  • After a message or two the escort says “Can you message me on WhatsApp?”.  Another classic giveaway – why? An escort making a booking doesn’t care that you are messaging by text message, making a client move to a different messaging service puts up a barrier and they just want to arrange the meet and make money. Why does the scammer want you on WhatsApp? Because it’s end-to-end encrypted, which means if they are arrested the police cannot see the content of messages exchanged over WhatsApp. This is important to them because once you’re on WhatsApp they are going to ask you to send them money before you can meet (see below). Police identifying cash arriving in their bank account and wanting to use that as evidence of their scamming people can’t without proof of what the money was sent for. If those messages are encrypted then they are out of reach to the police and therefore the scammer can say the payments were for anything they like.

Money Up Front

Escorts scamming you in person is actually really rare. It happens, but you’re unlucky if it happens to you. Scammers want your money without meeting you in person. They are unlikely even in the same bit of the country as you. So they need you to send them money and they need this via a bank transfer. Why? Because card payments can be refunded by the banks at the payer’s reasonable request.  Bank account transfers (BACS) can’t be.

So the line will be “hey darling I need 50% upfront”, “I’m sorry babe but without it I can’t see you, I’ve been scammed too much”. This is a scam. No real escort makes this demand, because it would be bad for business. Just as bait and switch is a problem that has to just be accepted for punters, no show or time-wasting punters is a problem that just has to be accepted for escorts. If you get asked for this, just walk away, any negotiation now will be futile, they are not real.

An exception – if you are wanting an escort to travel to you (outcall rather than incall) then you may find occasionally some will want a deposit upfront to protect themselves against timewasters. It’s not particularly common, because escort agencies seem to rarely require this and lone escorts have agencies as their competition. However, it can sometimes happen. How to protect yourself in this case. Well it’s simple, all the escort in this situation is trying to achieve is that you are a real enquiry and that you will be there when they arrive. 50% of their fee isn’t needed for that (and they’ll have learnt that many won’t pay it so there’s no point asking). So in this instance, the request will typically be much more reasonable and with an understanding that they know its a classic scammer’s trick for punters. For a scammer they want maximum money for their efforts.  So an escort might request say a £10 or £20 deposit and often you can then negotiate this down to say £5. What was needed to be achieved has been achieved even with this low amount. You’ve paid some money so the likelihood of you being a timewaster is now very low to the escort. You’ve handed over some money, but if they do end up not showing well at least it’s only a small amount you’ve lost.

One other trick you can use here is to say “hey OK, but send me a selfie first”. You can even ask for it with them doing something specific with their hand say.  If you get the selfie and are comfortable its just been taken (not another pic from a stolen photset), then the escort pictured is of course real and on the other end of the phone – highly unlikely in the case of scammers. If they can’t send you it, then why not…they’re not real is why not…