Female sex tourism is increasing around the world with more than 600,000 women now taking up its delights each year. This represents 5% of the total tourism by women tourists alone.  Woman sex tourists are usually looking for different aspects of sexual intimacy than men. Its not just about sex, a typical female sex tourist also seeks romance, intimacy and passion. Even with its relatively recent rise in number, the prevalence of female sex tourism is much lower than sex tourism undertaken men.

Women between the ages of 30 and 50, divorced women, fearless women, liberated women choose travel for sex and fun. They travel to places like Jamaica, Belize, the Dominican Republic or the Bahamas. They want to fulfil emotional fantasies and desires with the help of gorgeous young men!

There are many ideal places to flirt and attract the services of young men while enjoying a great vacation. Some of the top places in the world for sex tourism for women have been listed here. If you are looking to cherish a sex-filled vacation in your next trip, then consider visiting one of these destinations for much fun and happiness!


Greece is not an ideal general sex tourism destination in Europe, but if you are looking for female sex tourism then you can get many a sexy man wanting to have sex with you here. Although male prostitution is illegal in the country, you will find many males offering themselves as sex partners. There is also no shortage of adult entertainment in this country. With the recent downfall of the economy, the population has less money on their hands and so many are willing to offer sexual services to the tourists. The white houses, the ravines, the crystal clear water of the sea – Greece is undoubtedly a paradise for summer vacations. If you want to have a romantic time here, travel with a partner already selected, or simply travel and seek a partner after arriving. Imagine enjoying its imposing sunsets or a romantic dinner with the delicious Greek cuisine and a delicious Greek man. A luxury!

The Greeks claim to practice more sex in Europe than any other nation. They also claim to be more satisfied with their sex life. Enclaves as beautiful as the Greek islands give rise to all kinds of erotic fantasies. Every year the influx of young people from all over the world grows. They travel looking for parties and beautiful people. If you are a woman and looking for sex and romanticism on vacation, Greece is simply a dream destination.

In addition, the city of Mykonos has become the mecca of sex tourism for all. It is a great place to enjoy with your chosen partner riding a bike or moped to move around the island. Not everything is sun and beach tourism, Mykonos offers you to enjoy an active nightlife. It is designed for women seeking sex. You can travel by boat to the neighbouring island of Delphi with your newfound partner.

The Dominican Republic

Sex tourism is on the rise in the Caribbean islands. The Caribbean sun warms everything! It is one of the favorite places for couples celebrating their honeymoon and there are plenty of exotic beaches. It is also an ideal destination where groups of boys and girls in the hotel complexes are seeking exciting sex sessions. The diversity of people from different countries makes the place more exciting with the different cultures making the resort bedrooms more intense.

The number of sex workers is exceptionally high in these countries. Thanks to the proximity of the USA, it has easy access and the go-to destination for many travellers and sex tourists. In recent times there have been more women visiting the Dominican Republic looking for sex, and as a result many more local men are providing for this lucrative activity. It is a great destination for female sex tourists, with is perfect weather and beautiful landscapes it is one of the worlds perfect romantic places.

The local boys are strong and ready to offer sex as a service to women of all ages. The country is very reasonable and affordable to westerner’s and this is one of the main benefits for all types of tourists. Prostitution is legal here and you can seek both boys and girls for fun. It is one of the most popular sex tourism countries around the globe. The most popular cities here are Boca Chica and Sosua and you will find young men many of whom will simply let themselves be  available to women who will buy things for them.



You will find Thailand full of beautiful temples and marvellous beaches. But the striking thing is that you will also find the largest number of sex workers in the world. Bangkok’s well-known Patpong district is a popular spot for tourists for go-to bars and sex shows. Pattaya and Phuket have the same reputation. Bangkok is the city that receives the most sex tourism a year. It is well known for its permissive nature when it comes to sex. For Thais, prostitution is not a crime but an indispensable element of their culture.  It is known as the sexual capital of the world for a reason, here you can find the most sophisticated sex at a ridiculously low price. One of the most popular entertainments is a famous Thai massage.

Although prostitution is not strictly legal, nor is it illegal (and laws are rarely applied to prevent it), allowing the industry to evolve. But, it is not only the men who can enjoy it. It is a great place for women travellers seeking sex as well. So if you are fond of Asian guys, then ask for the local boys freely in Thailand. Thailand is in Southeast Asia and is proud of its infamous Red Light District of Bangkok. Its vague prostitution laws add to the sexually explicit nature of the country and it is a hive of activities for sexual tourism, very much including female sex tourism. Most Thai tolerate prostitution and accept people from all sorts of different lifestyles. The sex industry here is well-organized and many sex workers do it as a business of choice due to the lucrative rewards.


Despite its strict laws governing prostitution, the world’s oldest trade prospers in this country. Female sex tourism is on the rise here, especially for middle-aged women seeking local men. This poverty-stricken country provides for sex tourism due to the high rewards it brings locals.

Angkor temples are the main attraction for visitors to Cambodia. But prostitution has increased in recent years, especially in the tourism sector. Travellers to cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap will find that women prostitute themselves at bars and clubs in the city center. As a female sex tourist, you can easy get free sex from Cambodian men. There is no exchange of money in many cases for female sex tourism. Men are happy at whatever is given to them at the end of the service. Just paying the hotel and restaurant bills will do. Despite the recent increase in the number of tourists traveling to enter the sex industry in Cambodia, most clients remain local.

The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most romantic destinations to visit in the world. If you are single, you can easily find the holiday partner here whatever your choices. The term “Redlight District” generally refers to the famous district of Amsterdam. Many tourists visit Amsterdam for its charming canals, delicious food, and impressive art museums. But the Dutch city attracts many sex tourists for the relentless (and shameless) sex industry. There are plenty of peep shows, sex shops, and striptease clubs along with a wide range of kinks and fetishes for regular travellers and sex tourists. It attracts thousands of visitors every year for these activities.

Prostitutes display their belongings publicly behind windows to attract travellers of both sexes. The legal and well-regulated prostitution sector provides sex workers with a safe environment. Female sex tourism has thrived in this part of the world because of the open culture and liberal attitudes. Women seeking men as sex tourists in this country are equally accepted as the men seeking women. It is a true European mecca for lovers of diverse sexual entertainment. You can request any service in the red light district!


Boracay and Manila are popular destinations for tourists in the Philippines. But it is Oolongapo and Angels that attract people interested in sex travel. Although prostitution is illegal, visitors find escorts at bars and massage parlors. If you are female sex tourists, you need not have to worry about this country. It is estimated that around 60% of the visitors to the Philippines travel there for sex tourism. Filipinos are extremely tolerant of different lifestyles and you will be welcomed as a female tourist looking for sex and fun from the local boys.


The government has tried to curb the sex trade, but Brazil remains a must-visit destination for men and women seeking the company of a warm-blooded South Americans. Both female and male sex tourists love this amazing country for the amorous adventure possible here. You will love the athletic body of the Brazilian men and their stamina. In Brazil, prostitution is legal; many travellers go to the warmer places of the city, such as Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil sex tourism is thriving thanks to the country’s popular tourist attractions, the exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches, and wild festivals.  Brazil is a dream destination. The Carnival and its fascinating residents are added attractions. You will find your match in clubs and intimate saunas and you can choose a partner for all tastes. During the carnival in late February, the atmosphere is even more characteristic with rampant orgies.

The Gambia

The Gambia is a tiny country sandwiched between Senegal and Guinea Bissau. Banjul, the capital of Gambia has become a popular sex tourist destination. More specifically Western amateurs come here to enjoy locals and have a romantic time. Many women between the ages of 45 and 60 are to be found visiting here, looking for forbidden pleasures. They especially come from the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and France. In the hot heat of the Gambia beaches have young local men applying sunscreen on your body. Here the female sex tourists are called “Marie-Claire”, a nickname they use without any qualms.

More than 50% of the Gambian population is under 18 years old. That’s about 750,000 people. All of these young people are hit by massive unemployment and poverty within families. So, when they do not roam near tourist hotels, they rush, at night, to Senegambia, just at the entrance to Banjul.

This hot area, on the eastern outskirts of the capital, is the drag temple. Many women in their fifties come here to find their perfect sex partner, for the night or a few days. Young local men know it and exhibit their bodies and compete to seduce women. They too have a nickname; they are called the “bumsters”.  More savy female sex tourists hire an apartment or a room in the local area to get the maximum benefits of female sex tourism here.


The tourism of European adult women looking for young men for sex has grown in this African country. Many young Senegalese people have found a way of life in sex tourism that allows them to live comfortably. Welcome to Saly, seaside resort located about 90 km from Dakar, the Senegalese capital. It has everything, Luxury hotels, chic clubs and restaurants, sandy beaches, straw-roofed bungalows – and a booming sex tourism trade for both men and women. The resort is considered to be the most attractive holiday resort in West Africa. But Saly is also and above all the capital of sex tourism in Senegal. Unlike many cases of sex tourism by Europeans in developing countries, in Senegal a good proportion of the clients are female. It is mainly European adult women who are looking for a Senegalese lover in paradisiacal beach places like Saly. Many European women seeking sex with Senegalese youth come here. This type of tourism is practiced with discretion, although it is known by everyone in Saly.

Saly is the rallying point for older Westerners who want to enjoy the charms of young Senegalese. Here, young men proudly display their strong musculature on the beach. They are ready to offer their services to women, as a female sex tourist, you will never be out of options in Senegal!

Contacts occur on the beaches, where young Senegalese train athletically on the beach, while European women watch them. Relationships begin with a simple conversation and from there they progress. Some of the encounters here are based on genuine liking and affinities for each other, with some sex tourists choosing to send monthly compensation to their chosen local boy once back in their home country, so the relationship remains after the holidays are over.


While men looking for females is the most prevalent form of sex tourism, female sex tourism is rapidly increasing and has become much more common.  There are so many places where women can enjoy romantic and sex filled holidays, where they can get attention and fun irrespective of their age.

Many female sex tourists are British, American, Canadian or French. Women, more than the easy escape that some men look for in sex tourism, often are looking for a little holiday romance along with great sex. Our top destinations offer all a female sex tourist could want so go on what are you waiting for!