Are you looking for a gay-friendly sex tourism as your next holiday? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got the worlds very best gay sex tourism destinations for you to consider right here! With tolerant laws, active scenes for dating, and a wealth of nightclubs, these cities will win your heart. The open-minded local cultures and safety are extra benefits. Many of the cities we have picked are in Europe, as this continent leads the way in LGBT issues. Visit these cities as your next holiday destination and enjoy gay life to the fullest. Let’s go through the list of the best cities in the world for gay sex tourism.


Amsterdam is one of the best places in the world for gay people. In the past it has been the gay capital of Europe. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is a perfect place for gay sex tourism. The Netherlands is the first country to legalized gay marriage in 2001. It is tolerant of all sexual communities and shown its acceptance over the years. The culture celebrates diversity and enjoys partying. Here you will experience less protest and more celebration!

You will find gay bars across the city, particularly in the Reguliersdwarsstraat area. Join in different fun parties and enjoy. Every Wednesday parties are arranged by the A.S.V. Gay student Association at Amstel Fifty Four. It is a great place for gay visitors and tourists and enjoys huge popularity among gay tourists. You will love the relaxed attitude of the city and its enjoyment of all sorts of lifestyles from around the world.

The legendary liberal attitude to gay rights goes way back in times. It started in 1811 when the Netherlands decriminalized homosexual acts. Later it became the first country in the world to legalize marriage between same-sex, on April 1st, 2001.

The annual Canal Parade of the city is famous worldwide. During the festival, 80 boats are decorated and sailed at the Prinsengracht canal. The LGBT community of the Netherlands comes to enjoy this parade every year. More than five hundred thousand people from the LGBT community visit this festival. This is one of the biggest global events for the gay communities and the biggest in the Netherlands. Another attraction is the Homo monument. It was built in 1987 and you will find it on the shores of the Keizersgracht. The information stand at Pink Point will provide you the LGBT history of Amsterdam.

You will love another festival in summer, the Milkshake. It is a queer festival with no dress code. As mentioned, Reguliersdwarsstraat is the place to enjoy the nightlife. The rainbow flags will guide you to the gay bars, sex shops, and brothels you are looking for. Cafe t’Mandje is the best and oldest gay bars in the city. Themed sex parties are arranged in Club Church.
Amsterdam is a great place for a gay tourist. It is a safe city if you remain cautious with rich culture and history. Just enjoy gay freedom and fun in Amsterdam.


Madrid has become a real reference point for the gay community around the world. For many years, Fuencarral Street and the Chueca district in Madrid have been the best places for the LGBTQ population.

In Spain, the largest community of gay people live in Madrid. It is also one of the largest gay communities in Europe with the LGBTQ population of the city over 500,000. The LGBTQ community is centered at Chueca. There are a huge number of nightclubs and gay bars in this area and you can generally easily hook up with a partner of your choice.

Chueca is at Gran Vía and runs about 1 km north. It extends from Paseo de Recoletos Street to Calle Hortaleza west to east. As soon as you enter the Chueca district, you will quickly realize that this is an old district of Madrid. The streets are narrow and compact. When there are many people there, like at the Gay Pride in Madrid, it becomes difficult to move around.

It is on Calle Pelayo Street that you can have a drink or a nightclub in one of the gay bars of the city. The top shops, restaurants, and hotels in this city are all gay-friendly. The gay community has a large influence on them. Gay marriage has is legal in this city for a long time. The biggest European gay pride is hosted in Madrid every year known as Orgullo. Over 2 million LGBT people come to witness this celebration.

Madrid is also considered a nightlife capital of Europe. So, you will be never run out of fun on nights out in Madrid!  There are so many things to enjoy at night as a gay tourist. Many gay-friendly discos, pubs, bars, and restaurants sprawl all over the city.  You will witness the lifestyle and taste of every type of person here and will have something to do at any time of the day or night, its a real 24-hour party town.

The Spanish tend to eat late and party even later!  Many won’t have dinner until around 10 pm, and won’t hit the bars until around 1 a.m.  The gay clubs and discos in Spain usually don’t fill up until around 4 o’clock in the morning!

Shops, hairdressers and tattoo/piercing centers, fashion everywhere, life here is fascinating. As well as being lively during the day, innovative decorations, restaurants and pubs ignite the Madrid night. It attracts people from all over the world.


Like Madrid, Barcelona is not far behind in its reputation as a top destination for gay tourists. Today, Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife attracts gay and lesbian tourists from across the globe. It is the second-largest city in Spain. This big city is very liberal and cosmopolitan. The capital of Catalonia is increasingly becoming a hotspot for gays and lesbians. You can hook up with attractive gay partners and roam around the beautiful beaches. Most of these beaches are on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. The gay and lesbian travellers have made the city such a hip place. Even in the winter there are plenty of events here, when the beaches are no longer a main attraction.

The district Eixample is known as the main gay center of the city. In Gayxample – as the district is also called – you will find many gay bars and clubs. The city also offers five different Gay Saunas so you will find a perfect Gay Sauna for you! The most famous gay beach in Barcelona is the Mar Bella, located in the Poble Nou district. There is also the city’s biggest LGBTQ festival, the Circuit Festival which is not to be missed.  For tourist attractions, Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, and the city beach are some of the main attractions.

A wide range of clubs, bars, shops, and sauna facilities are there and all are gay-friendly, if not simply all gay!  Barcelona houses the great cinema festival – FIRE!! Mostra Internacional de Cinema Gai I Lesbià. This is a documentary show that takes place in every summer. It attracts gay and lesbian audiences from around the world. Another fixed summer celebration is the large Gay Pride, which takes place in this one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

For overnight stays in Barcelona, there are also 100% gay hotels. There are gay-friendly inns, and apartments. But the normal hotels in the city are all gay-friendly as well. If you want to spend a gay holiday in Spain, you cannot miss the Catalan Mediterranean metropolis. To top it all, a city holiday in Barcelona doesn’t have to be just about partying – the city has a rich heritage, hoards of culture, art, and history on offer that you shouldn’t miss!


Berlin is one of the most open and tolerant cities in the world. In the German capital, tolerance and freedom are visible everywhere, with gay bars, gay clubs, and parties to be found all over Berlin. There is a broad queer cinema program, a gay museum and many other events for LGBTQ people too!

Many claim that Cologn is the secret homosexual capital of Germany. But in reality it is Berlin with its countless attractions for gay men and lesbians. You will find a memorial to homosexuals prosecuted under National Socialism. Of course, there is no shortage of gay-friendly bars and clubs. Not to forget that Klaus Wowereit has been a gay mayor for years in this city.

Berlin has a wide selection of gay clubs, clubs, saunas, and clothing stores. The city specializes in a variety of fetishes and there are plenty of hotels and guest houses exclusively for gay visitors. If you want to find cheaper accommodation, you will find private rooms or couch providers from gay hosts and available via various online portals. They like to offer their guests a roof over their heads at cheap rate or evern for free…!

Many gay and gay-lesbian festivals are celebrated in Berlin. The larger ones include the Berlin edition of the Christopher Street Day and the Gay Days, with both events arranged regularly.

Schöneberg is particularly good for gay tourists in Berlin. This is arguably the first place in Berlin that you should visit. Another important place for gay tourists is the Motzstraße, here you will witness the classic gay bars of Berlin, such as Tom’s, Connection Club, and The Barn.

Mitte and Prenzlauerberg are the current in-districts of Berlin with a strong LGBTQ presence. Here, the nightlife hardly cares about sexual orientation. In addition to typical gay venues, à la Griffbar and Stahlrohr are ideal sex tourism venues. Here gay and straight people celebrate together and it is one of the most stylish clubs in the city.

The LGBTQ scene in Kreuzberg is somewhat different with more alternative settings. Typical is the robust charm of the always jam-packed Möbel Olfe, a famous bar or the parties in the SO36, the music club. These are some of the most extraordinary excitement Berlin’s nightlife has to offer. Also, you can have a Sauna in the Der Boiler, the last and only gay sauna in Berlin.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has one of the largest and most vibrant gay and lesbian scenes in Europe. Gay scenes in Gran Canaria can become very lively and far more exuberant than many other places around the world. Sun, breathtaking natural beauties, and the passion of the Spaniards make this place truly beautiful. Holidaying for gay tourists in Gran Canaria is an unforgettable experience.

The place has many beautiful resorts and has long been a party stronghold. The most popular nightlife spots are in Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas. For many years, the Yumbo Center has been the center of nightlife and entertainment in Gran Canaria. There are over 50 restaurants, including bars, pubs, nightclubs, and cabaret theaters. It was one of the first shopping malls built on the island. This multi-story shopping complex has a number of high quality boutiques and souvenir shops. It remains open during the day but comes to life at night with lots of music and dancing. The colorful rainbow flags proudly display its gay-friendly culture everywhere. Bright drag queens appear in the bars and the atmosphere is open, friendly, and very inviting. Going out here is an entertaining experience for everyone.

Every year the Gay Pride is celebrated in May. It takes place in the Yumbo Center of Maspalomas and the neighboring areas. It all started in 2001 as a tribute to the homosexual scene of the island. Singers, artists and internationally acclaimed DJs perform at this week-long festival. The highlight of the festival is a large costume parade on the last day. Gay visitors from all over the world travel to Gran Canaria to take part and enjoy the atmosphere.

To spend a relaxing time in the sun, you can go to the beautiful beach and the sand dunes of Maspalomas. The popular nudist beach is near Bar 7. You will find may gay partners willing to accept your invitation here. Have a camel ride through the dunes of Maspalomas with them and experience something new. Gran Canaria not only offers sand, sun and sea, but also plenty of cultural highlights.  It also has magnificent mountain landscapes, a perfect romantic location. If you love whales, dolphins, the ocean and the beaches, there are also cruises. Enjoy a breathtaking open sea experience with your holiday partner.


Paris, this city is a gay dream!  Here you can visit the gay saunas, gay clubs, and bars of the French capital. A gay trip just over a weekend here can be very enjoyable. Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans or Straight – everyone is welcome in Paris! The city reveals a dynamic LGBTQ community.and it attracts many LGBTQ tourists as the city is so tolerant of all cultures. You can have a great time in this city. Oh and if you’re a gay man, did we mention the attractive men of Paris!

The center of gay life in Paris is the trendy Marais district, with more than 300 gay venues. The gay highlight of the year is, of course, the Gay Pride. It is known as Marche des Fiertés in French. More than 500,000 LGBTQ visitors come for this event every year. You will find over 100 gay nightclubs, bars, and cafes. This makes the Marais one of the largest gay districts in Europe. If you want to visit a particularly gay friendly restaurant, you just have to look for the rainbow flag.

The Rosabonheur is comparable to a German beer garden. It is located in the picturesque Parc des Buttes Chaumont. You can have a room at the Love Hotel. In this hotel, the rooms are not rented for a full day, but usually just for an hour or two, just you your partner and a whole heap of fun for a stolen hour or two! The rates are good and the rooms are furnished according to different themes.

For gay tourists in Paris ,enjoying the Gay Sauna Sun City, one of the most beautiful gay saunas in the world, is a must! You should also visit the gay gardens of the Louvre. Here you will notice that many men are wandering among the bushes, more or less unnoticed. Cheeky,  you can enjoy a spot of public fetish here no problem!  A romantic walk along the Seine is also a great part of a gay holiday in Paris.

Apart from gay sex tourism, the historic Jewish quarter of Paris is well worth a visit. Visit one of the many falafel restaurants (fried balls of beans or peas). Your partner will love it. Instead of large boulevards, you will find cute narrow little streets here, a reminiscent of medieval Paris. Art and culture lovers like to browse the bookstalls, which are like a string of pearls on the bank of the river. The city also has an endless richness of history, art, and culture to offer. If you love tradition, art and fun, Paris is the ideal destination for a gay holiday!

New York

New York is one of the legendary destinations for gay and lesbian travellers. It is one of the largest cities in the United States and also a city with a big gay tourist population. Everyone loves New York, it has a unique charm plus it has a very vibrant gay nightlife.

New York has always been one of the gayest go-to-places in the world. It represented the biggest gay scenes in the world in the past with a rich history of activism. The Stonewall riots here were the beginning of the gay pride movement in the world.

For a gay tourist, here in New York, there are many neighbourhoods to discover. Some of them are more gay-friendly than others. One can think of Chelsea, the district to discover the American gastronome. There is, Greenwich Village, the gay district of New York with its bars and discotheques. It is a trendy area and when in New York you should definitely visit it with your gay friends! The offers are unending in New York for the gay travellers and the atmosphere of the city will really impress you. Whether you are there in summer or winter it doesn’t matter, the energy is unique.

New York is a different city from other major gay destinations. Compared to some others, New York has a relatively small gay neighbourhood with a small number of bars. But this is because you do not need a separate gay neighbourhood in New York, everything is gay-friendly here!  Especially in Manhattan!

You can find may willing gay partners in New York. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, there’s always something to do in New York City for gay tourists. With its dynamic gay scene throughout the year, its famous locations such as the Big Apple, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty, come, cum, enjoy some of the best gay tourism the world has to offer in New York. New York is a gay destination not to be missed!


Canada is a diverse nation and a huge country with so many attractions and places to visit. It is also a country that is very proud of its LGBTQ communities. Canada has long campaigned for the LGBTQ community. It legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in 2004, the 4th country in the world to do so. It’s not surprising that some of the biggest and best LGBTQ events in the world take place in Canada.

What’s striking about Toronto is its ethnic diversity, here you will find more than 100 different nationalities and ethnicities! This city of Canada really reflects the different communities in its neighbourhoods and this is one of the reasons why gay tourists are so welcomed here. Toronto is famous for embracing all the cultural diversity of the world including sex and sexual orientation.

Toronto, the capital of Canada is the center point of attraction for a gay tourist on vacation. The largest LGBTQ community in the country can be found in Toronto. It hosts one of the largest Pride festivals in the world. More than one million people participate in this event!

Districts like Church and the Village Wellesley are the paradise for gay sex tourism. Wellesley Church Gay Village has epic nightlife. The place has beautiful eateries and restaurants, and a lovely community center. Toronto has a flourishing nightlife for the LGBTQ community, you can find your perfect match for exciting gay sex tourism. The sparkling scene of this queer metropolis will mesmerize you. There are several zones for gay tourists, with all welcome here.

There is no shortage of scenic places to be in Toronto with your partner too. Toronto’s spectacular Lake Ontario symbolizes modern architecture. You will likely love to explore The Fort of York, a fortress built between 1793 and 1812, which is reminiscent of the English colonial era. It is wonderful vacation destination when you’re taking a break from the sex!

São Paulo

A vast range of choices are available day and night in the biggest and most famous gay community of Latin America. You till find love at first sight in São Paulo.

Brazil has long been a dream destination for gays. Gay sex tourism in Brazil has recently risen again, in many ways due to the economic crisis here. Sao Paulo is a city with open arms and minds, a city that does not discriminate. If you look out of the window as you approach Guarulhos International Airport, you will get a taste of the size of the city, its crazy big.

There are restaurants, shops, even a shopping mall specifically aimed as gay tourists, Frei Caneca , it is a unique shopping place for gay travellers. Of course, there are many discotheques, gay bars, and restaurants. In São Paulo, you can see PDA in several areas like south of Praça da República. Another place Rua Frei Caneca is famous for its gay culture.

There are so many attractions. The live music bars in the bohemian Vila Madalena district and the gay clubs in Consolação are amazing. Around the Placa República – international star DJs are always performing. If you do not want to beat your ears, visit one of the thousands of Botecos – a corner bar. Immerse yourself in the soul of the city. The charm of these pubs is amazing and here flows the best beer from the barrel. You can get partners in this part of the city and enjoy a nice evening. The gay community here is open to tourists and newcomers. So enjoy a vibrant Brazil during gay summer tourism.


The Thai capital Bangkok has become the gay Mecca of Asia within just two decades. The city is perceived as the most open in Asia to the LGBTQ community. Bangkok has become a well-known open and tolerant homosexual city. Shops, restaurants, and gay and lesbian clubs are blooming on every street corner. This is partly due to the popularity of gay pay-sex, but a lively free scene has established as well.

You can easily have a Thai guy for a night or the whole holiday. Gay sex tourism with local guys is easy in Bangkok. The Soi Twilight is known as the center of gay go-go bars. Legendary shows are arranged in different bars. If you want you can book a private area and relax. In the nearby “Tawan Bar” the popular “Muscle Show” is particularly popular.

Classic bars like “Balcony”, “Forfun”, and “Telephone Pub” also offer karaoke. Both locals and foreigners visit these places. In Silom Soi, the most popular gay disco in the country, you will find “DJ Station.”

The Babylon gay sauna at 34 Soi Nanda is an institution of the gay scene in Asia. You must visit this place on your Thailand gay trip. The attached hotel is very popular among gay people; the sauna is well-known for their darkrooms. The place is great for a gay holiday in Thailand! In the Patpong district, there are many gay massage parlors that promise a happy ending and here you can find guys for literally every taste.

Silom is the main gay tourism district of Bankok. The whole area is open and libertine, but the neighbourhood has three main streets. If you are looking for action, visit Silom Soi 4. This is the avenue where the majority of gay bars are concentrated. These are also perfect places to warm up for the night. Silom Soi 2 and the red-light lane, Soi Twilight, are the avenue of nightlife, popular with the local gay scene.

When you want to relax in a more intimate setting, the famous Babylon sauna is more than a public bath. It is also comfortable and clean with peaceful gardens, a warm and romantic setting. If you have little time to explore the gay Bangkok, try to make your trip coincide with the Gcircuit’s Songkran clubbing festival. This takes place every year during the Thai New Year celebrations in April.


With the fight for gay rights and equality of marriage around the world, gay travellers have every reason to pack their bags. Denmark was the first country to grant same-sex union a legal recognition in 1989. Over a decade later, the Netherlands was the first to legalize same-sex marriage. Countless nations have followed to accept the same in the following years. While there are still many battles to be won, the world is increasingly open to gay travellers. With that the number of places for gay sex tourism is also rapidly increasing. So, there is no shortage of great places around the world for tourists looking for gay sex. Enjoy freely at these lovely gay-friendly cities across the globe and have fun!