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Anal sex

The more excited she is, the better the experience will be for everyone. For a first timer, the only sensation she’s ever had from there is when she poops. Not exactly sexy. Try going down on her and as she gets close massage just the opening with a finger tip. Don't go in just yet. The idea is to get her to associate anal stimulation with HER pleasure. Next session do the same but try putting just the first joint of your index finger in as shes just about to cum. Once shes found out that she can enjoy it to, then your in line to put your dick in. At least the first time your going to penetrate her, use an index finger to slowly help open the muscles. Enjoy
It can be a little painful at first, yeah. Especially if you're nervous and tensed up. So try to get into a mindframe of being really enthusiastic about trying. But as you become practiced and start eagerly anticipating it gets easier. For me, that happens because it feels good. My best orgasms are from anal and I love doing it. So yeah, I get excited.

If you try and decide it's not good for you, that's cool too. Don't force yourself to do something just because you think you should, and especially just because someone else says you should.
All about learning to find that pleasure yourself first. Try having a clitoral/vag orgasm first and when you’re still super turned on just start with a finger. Your clitoris is this amazing organ that actually extends down and around your anus so there’s a ton of opportunity for pleasure there. Of course bodies are gonna be bodies so if you don’t prep first or play at a time of day you don’t usually poop it may not be 💯 clean. Of course learning to accept this and work with it both yourself and in relation with partners is essential for intimacy and good sex. Enjoy
Learning to accept that you're going to where poop lives, and it will sometimes make a small appearance, is such an underrated piece of advice. Yeah it's not ideal, and most people don't want that, but it's not the end of the world and it's not hard to clean up.
Guy here some tips...

It’s all about relaxing. Like, the first few times you can get something phallic up in there and relax everything, it’s gonna feel a bit like you’re pooping bc that’s what you associatd the sensation with. That being said, after a little bit of warming up and loosening everything (physically AND mentally), there’s suddenly this magic new hole in your body with its own variety of pleasurable sensations to explore.

That being said I respect that it’s definitely not for everyone. I love riding a dildo but I don’t have the time to be doing that all the time.

Idk how it is for girls, but I’ll say thus from experience- we have a prostate, which acts as a g spot and can make us feel crazy pleasures, but the actual nerve endings of the anus and putter rectum are also sensitive and can feel good just to touch/rub. Like anything sexual, exploring by yourself and figuring out what you like being touched is the ultimate key to owning your pleasure.
So. Speaking from experience. Anal can feel quite nice provided you are warmed up to it physically. Your anus is a muscle and is for lack of a better word naturally tense. It has to loosened with alot of lube and gentle massage of the area outside of it and inside. If your a guy and want to try it. Be warned that its not a feeling of poop that will come up. But rather of an intense need to pee. At least till the prostate is found. If your a girl the two biggest things I have been told is that the pressure from anal can potentially cause orgasms under some circumstances. It certainly can hurt provided you haven't been warmed up before hand to the stimulation. But not often. And two is that it can be very easy to hit the "anal wall" a bit of flesh that is no matter what right against your hip bones. And will hurt alot if the two are squeezed together. Only have to worry about it on bigger guys or long dildos fro strap ons though. Hope this awnsers your question. Cheers!