Tips and tricks from sex workers around the world to turn you into a sex guru!

Giving head

The closer men get to orgasm, the more they tense their thighs and thrust forward.

There's a couple of ways to deal with this. There's mitigation techniques - you can keep your hands on his hips and prevent him from thrusting too far. You can wrap your hand(s) around him with your mouth on top so that when he thrusts, he's thrusting into your hand and then into your mouth (and honestly, this is just good technique anyway), which allows your hands to act as a buffer preventing him from pushing in too deep. Of course, controlling positions is part of it, too. Making him lay down and you kneeling above him gives you the most control all the way to him standing with you kneeling with the least control.

It's okay to talk to him about it, but if he's in the throes of sex he may not be very good at controlling his thrusting. You can ask him to work on it - and certainly, if it's bothering you, you should do that - but fundamentally, adjusting your technique to control him is the better solution. Half the fun of giving head is being in control of their pleasure, and this works into that mindset.
Don’t just suck, or bob up and down. Lick, tease, taste, explore. Listen and watch for his reactions. Watch him masterbate it’s a good indication of where he likes stimulation. Take breaks when you need them and use your hand to help out. A combination of hand and blowjob can be great. Make sure your hand is able to glide by wetting it as needed with spit or lube
Try using your hand to jerk him off while you suck the tip
If you can't deep throat the whole thing, use your hands on the shaft in a twist-like motion, in conjunction with the BJ. And don't forget the balls. Crazy how many don't get these two things.
The more experience I get, the more I learn that the only people who aren't good, are people who rush, people who don't want to try new things, and people that can't enjoy the moment.

That being said, enthusiasm, learning to let go a bit, and being receptive to what they like will make you better over time. It's okay to be bad skill wise if you're willing to improve and try new things. Because being good at sex is more about figuring out what they like, not finding some holy tome that applies to all scenarios. Now somethings are more common than others, but I think you get the idea.

1. ⁠Blowjobs are 10% skill, 90% enthusiasm. So enjoying it and taking your time will make it all the more enjoyable for them.
2. ⁠No teeth. It's weird how common this is, but no teeth. If the girth makes that hard you can use your hands and stay at the tip. You can also use your lips/tongue to cover your teeth, try different things out.
3. ⁠Flicking the tip with your to
If you don’t already try the famous double hand twist. Make sure their dick is super wet and rake index finger and your thumb and make an okay sign and do the same with the other hand and put both “okay signs” around his dick. As you are sucking up the tip and keeping it super wet turn both hand in counter clockwise motions and go up and down. As you get used to the motion you can go with more fingers applying more pressure.
1. ⁠Don’t stress about it, head is head
2. ⁠No teeth
3. ⁠Start with the tip/head. licks, kisses or whatever, then go down
4. ⁠At some point, try sticking your tongue out while you Bob your head, that shit’s super hot
5. ⁠Eye contact

Besides that, just know wether or not you’re cool with him busting in your mouth. And if you’re not, let him know because he’ll probably want to.
Suck in a little with your cheeks and make sure your tongue is flat and rubbing on the bottom of his cock. Try to avoid teeth and it will take some getting used to before you can go deep so use a wet (not water, slippery) hand as an extension of your mouth
Use your hands and mouth

If he's about to cum, keep doing what you're doing and don't change the motion
Relax and don't worry about it, give the blow job with enthusiasm and show him that you like to do it and you like his dick. Use your whole mouth and tongue and a lot of saliva and if it seems like he is enjoying some thing you do more than others, do more of that!

Use your hand as well sometimes and if you intend to blow him until he cums pay attention when he starts to breath deep and heavy. Just so you are prepared for him cumming so it won't be a bad surprise if he suddenly cums in your mouth. It's ok to just use your hand then.
If you have no energy and are just kinda phoning it in, the partner will notice the lack of interest. Watch a few clips on some X-rated sites (like Xtube) and watch the women actors. While they may not have rapturous facial expressions (which would be unrealistic) their lecherous attitude is kinda what to aim for, I think. I think only the most stoic of guys wouldn't care if they thought someone sucking them off was a chore.
if you’re trying to deepthroat, don’t breathe. sounds too obvious to be worth anything as advice but in the moment, it’s not the first thing on my mind. once i stopped breathing while going all the way down, i’ve been able to go much further. also, i’ve heard that the best place to suck/lick is the underside right where the head meets the shaft. everyone will tell you to watch the teeth, but in my experience, that’s something that gets better with practice rather than something you can go in just knowing. i’m not sure if this is universal, but a fwb goes crazy when i suck rather than just lick. and when i say suck, i mean it. as in, he’ll bring his hips back a bit to pull out, but i suck hard enough that he can’t really move back. if you’re planning on swallowing (personally, i hate swallowing and would only do it for someone i care about), don’t stop sucking. unless he tells you to stop, in which case he’s probably too sensitive, most guys like being sucked until allll the way finishe
I would say play with the tip lol. Like don’t be afraid to give it extra attention. Along with that see if he is into suction, by that I mean use your lips to create a suction and also slurp his dick lol like on slurps noodles. Also when you get to the deep throating stage, if ever, relax your throat, it helps a ton. A new thing I just started doing is instead of relaxing my throat I would use my tongue to help create pressure on the tip as his is deep in my throat, I would definitely wait until you feel comfortable doing that because it’s easier to gag when doing this, I have to take a minute every once and a while to collect myself lol. Also use your hands when you don’t want to get deep in there.
Enjoy it and be enthusiastic. Honestly, I don't think I've ever had a bad blowjob. Some have been better than others, but it's hard to do wrong. Enthusiasm will get you like 90% of the way there. Just hold the base and put it in your mouth.