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Making women cum

I would liken it a bit to cooking for me. My brain immediately thinks, if it tastes good, more is better and when a girl says she's about to cum I put in it all at maximum throttle. Flawed! (but well intentioned 🙂 )
While eating pussy, if when she is approaching orgasm she starts moving a lot, just keep doing every exactly the same buuut with one difference grab her and hold her in place till she is trying to physically remove your head with her hands or is clearly audibly saying stop.
When a girl says she’s about to cum you have to KEEP doing exactly what you’re doing. Nothing frustrates me more than when im about to orgasm and the guy starts jackhammering or slowing down to a stop or worse, ending penetration altogether to suck my clit.

It’s almost like they automatically think they need to stall my orgasm like we stall theirs.
When I was younger I'd hear someone say they were about to cum and my lizard brain would take over with the mentality of "if wat i do is good, more of wat i doing = gooder" or some stupid shit along those lines and I'd start going faster/deeper/etc. and fuck it up.
My partner amps up the touching when i say “i’m gonna come” dhskdnkd honestly sometimes that keeps me from coming because i suddenly get overwhelmed with the sensations
It generally takes me about 30-45 minutes to come from oral to be honest! I need a slow buildup and then continuity for the orgasm by which point my mans tongue and jaw is tired so sometimes he needs to slow down which starts the process all over again!
“Just like that” “right there” “don’t stop” usually what I go with, as opposed to saying I’m gonna cum
1. When in missionary he will rub his pelvis in a back and forth motion on my clitoris. And will make sure to hit my clitoris with his pelvis when he is thrusting inside of me.

2. He hits the back end of my vagina when he thrusts into me and goes as deep as he can. Then when he is really deep, I thrust into his cock in the position that feels best. Then when I find a good spot I start thrusting on him while he’s still deep inside of me and he’s stationary. Once he gets a feel for what I’m needing, he starts thrusting to hit the same spots. It works very well. Usually it’s a lot of back and forth like this between us where he lets me guide him on where the sweet spots are for me.

3. Consistency. Once a spot or motion works for me, he will know that doing the same action will get me to orgasm. So he will be consistent until I actually orgasm. He will sometimes take small breaks inside of me where he stays still so that he doesn’t cum, especially when he knows I’m super close. I guide him with positive exclamations when he does something that feels super good.

4. Oral sex. He licks my clit and the entrance to my vagina. Consistency is key. I had to really guide him to where my clitoris was and exactly what notions made me feel good. For me I like side to side motion on my clit and to have it be flicked. He will use his nose as well, I get really turned on when he licks my vaginal opening

5. Sometimes I will touch myself when he is pounding me so that he can see the motions I like. So I rub my clit while he is Pounding me to make myself cum. He loves it and I love it.

6. Dirty talk. I love the sweet dirty talk and how he tells me what he likes about me and says things about stretching my right pussy and taking his cock. I like it when he whispers them lightly into my ear
It's why older men make better lovers. Most young women don't talk. So guys are guessing and learning what they see in porn . I have always asked what the woman likes? Till this day my wife still won't tell me? However I have figured it out. I still ask everytime, still no response. Just moaning and curling toes! I wish she'd open up.
A steady rhythm is what helps with orgasms, not changing it up every few seconds.
My partner inevitably gets to the cusp just as my arm or tongue or dick is reaching the limit of how long it can continue doing what it’s doing that’s working :/
Instead of just announcing that I’m going to orgasm, I tell him not to stop or to keep doing what he’s doing. You gotta communicate what exactly you need. Everyone is different.
When someone says "Keep doing exactly what you're doing" you start to overthink it immediately. You pay more attention to your pace. "Did I just slow down? Was I going a little faster? Is this the same depth? Did I angle my hips just then?"

It is hard as fuck to do something exactly as you have been when someone calls you on it!
I also hate when you come, and within two seconds they stop what they were doing. The climax is great, but right after I cum, I "come down" often for at least 10-20 seconds and by stopping what their doing, they just cut my orgasm short.
If a guy said he was about to cum and the girl jumped off and put his dick in her mouth to finish him off, he'd probably love that! Same doesn't work other way round though!!
I remember I was eating my ex out for a good 30 mins and I heard those magic words "I'm gonna cum". Lemme tell you, my tongue was hurting and sore as hell, but I pushed into overdrive to keep the same pace so that I wouldn't slow down from exhaustion.

It worked! She had a great orgasm and I left with a good work out! Lord knows we were both sweating 🤣
If you don't want it to stop, try, " DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE STOP"
My partner knows what to do to make sure I reach O when I tell him I’m getting close - because I tell him what I want. Simple phrases like “keep going” “just like that” or “don’t stop” or just a simpel groan are what he needs to bear from me. You don't need to be negative, just say nothing when it isn't right, but make sure they know the positives! Proper communication means that nobody’s asking “why do guys always...” - they always because they need clear cues.
Most women really, I mean REALLY(!) enjoy foreplay!

So focus on improving your oral and finger skills.

Allow her enough time to get excited. Go slow. Remember that women usually take longer to get turned on. Don't only focus on her genitals. Touch her entire body. Often girls are insecure about their bodies. Compliment her. Make her feel loved and safe.

It's definitely not all about how long you last or penis size/shape. That's a common belief that men have. It's putting unnecessary pressure on you. Because many orgasms for women are made by hands and mouths! 😉
Guys get off from variation, girls get off from repetition, so guys naturally think they need to change it up in someway to get to the finish line.
If anyone, guy or girl says they're about to cum, keep doing EXACTLY what you're doing.

I think sexual partners think they know how to amplify someones orgasm by switching to something else last second, when actually it does the opposite. Take it as a compliment, you're doing something right, just keep doing it exactly as you're doing it until I cum and tell you to stop 🙂
Jack hammering in out hard is not how many women can cum (or enjoy for extended periods). If fucking then find the grind, in and out with a swivel to your hips as your pelvis meets her clit can be great. If she knows what she's doing she'll help you find that oh so perfect rhythm.
Because one of the hottest things a girl can ever say is "omg, I'm about cum don't stop". Because if we are close already, that will put us over the top before you. So, we change it up to prevent cumming too early and we usually fuck it up. True story. This is all solvable with certain techniques and good communication, but thats a reason right there for failure!
I love eating out my partner, and i consider myself pretty good at it, but in my opinion, "keep going" or something along those lines is better than "i'm about to cum." i think what it is for me, hearing that my partner's about to orgasm gets me so excited tht i just sort of forget what i'm doing, but "keep going" is a good clue that i'm doing the right thing.

So i just keep doing the same thing but all that changes is maybe i breathe a little harder or squeeze her with my hands a little more, which i think if anything just makes the orgasm better 🙂
For us guys when getting close, speeding up or changing the sensation often won't make us lose the feeling to cum, it often makes it come on faster and stronger. So we assume it's the same for you girls.

If you aren't communicating about it then just re-word yourself during sex.

"Don't stop"

"Keep doing exactly what your doing"
Saying keep doing that or dont stop has had better results than im gonna cum in my personal experience.
When down on a woman much of it shoul be spent going at it at LIGHTLY and SLOWLY as possible. If you look at it more like teasing, and making her want it, it really doesn't take much effort or energy at all. Plus, after 20 minutes of torture, she'll come SO EASILY the moment you start giving her exactly what she wants.
I just grind on them secretly waiting to cum and then BAM. Surprise them lol. If I tell them I’m about to cum they start pushing my hips down, switching positions, why the fuck would I want to do something different than the thing that’s about to make me cum!?
I don’t tell them until after I get the first 3-5 jolts in. AFTER that, I let my orgasms known. So by the time they think I’m coming, I’m coming down.
I think there are many who apparently don't communicate with their sexual partners very well and instead would rather angrily lash out at them for not divinely reading her mind like some kind of omniscient sex God. All is easily worked out with good communication and some trial and error
The first person I was seeing regularly when I was a lot younger would start to react more intensely and her body would tense up and it would freak me out and for some reason I just thought I must have been doing something wrong and I'd change. Understandably it pissed her off a lot!
When we are about to orgasm most guys naturally want to pick up pace or intensity so I'm sure that's why guys try to increase the intensity for our partner, not realizing that maintaining is what most women prefer. Plus there are some women that do want the increase in intensity so it confuses guys who think they found the secret. No guy is trying to cockblock his girls orgasm...I promise you that.
When a guy hears "I'm about to cum", it's hot and typically puts us on the spot. It turns all the focus into "dont cum", which then causes us to lose focus in everything else. If you don't want the game to change cuz your close, try "yeah, like that", or "just like that" etc instead. Just let us know when the orgasm is inevitable.
I lost count of how many times I tell a guy I’m cumming and he ruins it 😏