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Swallowing Cum

Don't hold it in your mouth, swallow it as it's coming out
Practice practice practice 😝 or when he cums close your throat and let the cum drip from your mouth 😋
The trick to swallowing anything you don't like the taste of is just to slam it. ASAP. Miss as much tongue as possible. Aim for the neck.
Finish close to the back of the throat, swallow quickly don’t hesitate, have a glass of water nearby incase you need to wash it down, don’t think about it.
I try not to think about it honestly. I also let him finish keeping my mouth open and then once he’s done, I slowly spit it back out onto the tip of his cock and then gently massage it up and down, making sure not to overstimulate. If I close my mouth at all, I taste it all and will gag so keeping your mouth open and letting it pool up keeps you from tasting as much. Also, I always make sure I’ve got a flavored beverage next to me for when I finish.
I’ve never had an issue so giving advice is a tad difficult but all I do is I enjoy knowing I’m getting him off so once he is about to cum I basically put his dick as far into my mouth as I can and once he’s done I swallow it I’ll swallow it as he is cumming. I don’t taste it and if I do it’s nothing that bothers me. I’ve never spit or anything like that and I get off knowing he thinks it’s so hot and he gets off
It was partly an acquired taste for me I think. And then the more I just gave head and got better at it, the more I loved giving head and the cum, now I can’t wait to swallow it all.
I’m totally fine with swallowing cum, but I’ll admit sometimes it’s like a huge fountain goes off and it completely catches me off guard. In most situations, I swallow a good bit of it, but let some drip out and keep sucking while the cum drips out of my mouth
Cum can be an acquired taste. It's like the first time you try sushi, raw oysters or bitter ale. The taste and texture are unfamiliar and, because of that, some people never try them again. But it you keep trying them, you find that you develop a taste and even an appreciation for them.

That's how cum was for me. The first time I tasted and swallowed cum, I didn't go "Yum!" TBH, it didn't taste as bad as I feared, and the more I tasted cum, the more I came to like it. Now I actually enjoy the taste of cum quite a bit.

I've tasted cum from a lot of guys and I'd say 80% actually don't have much of a strong taste at all. A little salty, a little bitter, sometimes a little sweet. I think for many, it's the texture that causes a problem more than taste, but I found I quickly adjusted to that.

IMHO, much of the objection to the taste of cum is in people's heads, not their mouths. Like a lot of things sexual, it may seem weird at first, but the more you try it, you become habituated to it, and soon is seem normal and even pleasurable.
I always push the dick far in the back of my throat when he cums and I almost don’t taste it. If he cums straight on your tongue or more shallow near your lips, the cum will just be in your mouth for longer than is pleasant because you’ll have to work it down to swallow
Push his cock back as far as you can without gagging & swallow swallow swallow.
Push the tip to your throat and swallow. Try not to get too much in your mouth. By the way, precum taste so much better.
While giving the BJ and as he cums, just focus on breathing through your nose. You won't even notice the taste or texture.

Also, I find guys who eat healthier have cum that tastes great, a little salty or sweet and sometimes no taste. If the guy smokes or drinks the cum taste is off. Just what I've experienced.