Sex worker funny stuff from around the web!

If he calls them tittays, he doesn’t know what to do with them.
For an extra $100 I will fuck you with the lights strobed.
Who called them titty pics and not peek a boobs
I've paid for sex before...not with money, but with my emotions.
You say ‘sex addict’, like it’s a bad thing.
Your smile is perfect..........not as perfect as your tits, but still.
I made handcuffs from my broken halo.....

....wanna play?
[Strip club]

Him: *counting change* How much for just one boob
I like to start my week with bruised knees from Sunday morning head and after-church anal.
I may have fallen from grace but it's more fun down here.
Sex so hot, the smoke detector goes off.
One of the biggest differences between men and women is what they think of when they hear the word "facial".
If I was an angel, I’d wrap my wings around you but I’m not so my legs will have to do
Damn near had a threesome last night. Just needed 2 more people.
Do guys with foot fetishes know about vaginas?
I dont have a dirty mind i have a sexy imagination.
if ur wife doesn’t wanna bang u why would i
Nothing puts a spring in my step like a freshly trimmed bush.
I hate being humiliated, unless it's on my own terms with a safe word.
A fuck so dirty you’re seeing stars afterwards
In the words of my Nan "try everything twice, except anal"
Ever shave ur pussy so smooth u wish u could eat it urself?
I’m “milf porn is now age appropriate porn” years old
She was unique, like a stripper in sensible shoes.
There's men who want to pay for sex, and men who have to pay for sex
I choose my porn the same way I order at a restaurant, nothing I’d get at home.
I don't like the term "anal bleaching".

I prefer "changing my ringtone".
Fucking is just that; fucking
Making love is an art
A big dick doesn't count if half of it is your personality
Let’s watch horror movies and make our own porn.
It’s only a wifi hotspot if I’m near it
Now that’s a lamp!
Titties are the best medicine.
I love men because they have a built in sex toy
I prefer jizz connoisseur.
Sex so good you leave your panties behind.
Lips made for love, hips made for sin
She said "i've seen smaller" so ya it's been a good day
A brothel where you can also sell stolen goods, its called "Straddle the Fence"
All I’m saying is if cum tasted like nacho cheese, there’d be a lot more swallowing going on.
Bras just look better on the floor
I went to a Red Light district once. The traffic was terrible.
Good morning to everyone except the ladies who don’t maintain eye contact while sucking dick
I like my men how I like my coffee:

Filling me up every morning.
Lips made for love, hips made for sin