So you are thinking of hiring an escort for the first time.  You’ve seen sex workers advertise online, maybe you’ve paid webcam models to do sex things for you, now you’re thinking about actually meeting an escort for real-world touchy-feely sex!  It’s a bit scary, but also exciting, so much unknown!

According to recent research between 15-20% of men have paid for sex. Don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong by hiring an escort

There are lots of reasons why people hire an escort, it’s really common actually and there are lots of escorts in every city if you know where to look.  Whether you are looking for a male escort, a female escort, a straight or gay escort, there are lots of escorts out there ready and waiting to have sex with you.  The days of escort cards in phone boxes are virtually over, apart from anything else there aren’t many phone boxes anymore!  The best place to find escorts these days is online and this site has loads of links you can use to find escorts.

Finding and meeting an escort is actually quite easy and no-one will find out, just give them a call or send them a message and arrange to meet.  The first question you need to answer is will you go to see an escort or will you book one to come to you?  It might be a bit cheaper to travel and visit an escort, but maybe you prefer the convenience or comfort of your own surroundings.  Whichever you choose it doesn’t matter, just make sure you are on time and behave respectfully towards them, so they want to give you the best service possible.

Here’s some of our tips to make sure that you will have the best possible experience:

  • Be up front about cost.  A good escort will be clear about what things cost and will require payment up front when you arrive.  But beware, some escorts may try to charge you extra money once your date gets underway, claiming things are “extra”.  It’s a good idea to simply ask at the start if the escort charges extra for anything?  If they say yes and ask what you want, then just be honest and mention all the things you’d like to do so there are no awkward surprises later.  Quite apart for the extra money, being told you need to pay more can be a real mood killer and ruin a special encounter for you.
  • Beware of fake profiles – if someone seems too good to be true then they may well be!  This can be hard to predict but sometimes it’s obvious from a profile or the comments that there is something not quite right and you’ll discover on arrival or when they arrive that they aren’t the escort you were expecting.  It’s quite OK at this point to say sorry you are not the person in the photo, I don’t want to go ahead.  Don’t pay any money until you’ve met so that you have this protection.
  • If you have particular things you would like to do then be up front about them before you start, so there is no misunderstanding later.  The escort can’t read your mind and everyone is different.  Maybe you just want the escort to call all the shots and that is fine, but if not and there are particular things you would like then make sure they know at the start.  It can be a good idea to do this before handing over your money, just in case of any disagreement or misunderstanding.
  • Look at ratings and reviews if there are any.  Don’t believe everything you read, but if there are several reviews all saying the same thing then…no smoke without fire!  Also consider the quality of the web site you have found the escort on – does the website itself look trustworthy and quality, or dodgy?
  • Be confident if you can be, it can really help when dealing with an escort because how much you enjoy their services and the way they treat you can depend on you and how you are.  If the escort feels that you are nervous then they will usually try to put you at easy and make you feel comfortable. Good escorts always want to be in the control of situation, so they will typically dominate if you are not confident.
  • Be respectful.  An escort will respect you more if you respect them.  Sex work is a job – just like any other job, working for clients the sex worker likes is much more enjoyable for them than clients that might make them feel awkward or disrespected.  Behave respectfully and you are much more likely to be treated well and given great sex that you really enjoy. You will have a more enjoyable time with your escort if you treat them well!
  • Be chivalrous – everyone loves a bit of chivalry, escorts are no different!  They will be more attractive and open if you consider them as professionals and treat them in the way in which you treat other professionals. It increases their confidence and enjoyment of the encounter.

So, if you have got this far and are still really keen then what are you waiting for, make that booking and have some outrageous fun!